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Hello....We are Nancy Larson and Dale Schultz located just outside of Yoncalla, Oregon with assorted cats (official residents plus a stray or two) and about 65 llamas.  

We moved here from the big city in 1985 with both of us being born and raised in Southern California.  We started with three ewes and a half-dozen feeder calves.  However, we soon found that it was too hard to say goodbye to the market animals each season.  In 1990, we bought our first llama who was already entered in a llama show when we completed the purchase -- so he and we had to be fast studies.  After our second show, we purchased a young female to add to our original two males.  The rest, as they say, is history.....



We have been llama breeders and computer consultants.  This home page is mostly about llamas. There are pictures, llama facts, and llama fiber products for sale. We have designed a herd management software package to track all the things that happen around a ranch.  See below for more information.  You can also order recommended books and tapes through this site.  Click on the following items for more.  Or, to contact us:

North Umpqua Farms, P. O. Box 700, Yoncalla, Oregon 97499 USA  


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Why Llamas?


North Umpqua Farms Herd Sire Gallery       Please stand by -- most of these pages are very graphics intensive.       

                                                                     But, we know that most of the beauty of llamas is in their great looks.

Photo Gallery                                                     So, you will be amply rewarded for your patience.         Thank you.


Fun Stuff!

Short Movie of Llama Cart         

 Llama Jigsaw Puzzles:   Let Me Out!    

                                     Leaping Llamas 

                                     The Guys        

Llama Business Related:

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